Data Comes First

Embedded applications all start with data. Whether you need to collect new data or are connecting to existing data sources, Qrvey has the right tools to fit your needs.

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Smart Data Collection Tools

Qrvey offers OEMs unrivaled data collection capabilities. Our feature-rich web forms are easily embedded into any application, are mobile ready and include advanced functionality like branching, lookups and data validation rules. Forms, surveys, quizzes, checklists and even NPS will fit any data collection need.

To connect to existing data, OEMs can utilize Smart Connectors to handle data sources as simple as CSV spreadsheets or Data Router for legacy data stores such as SQL, Oracle and no-SQL solutions. Qrvey is built in the cloud with a highly flexible architecture that supports structured, unstructured and semi-structured data, even files, photos and videos, with ease.

Web Form Types

No matter what type of data you’re looking to collect, Qrvey has the perfect web form to meet your needs. Each form type is fully customizable, and easily embeddable into any web page or appliaction.


    Forms are perfect for most data collection needs. They feature a wide variety of questions types and include advanced features like sections, branching and lookups.


    Surveys ask questions one at a time, allowing respondents to focus on the question at hand. They also offer advanced capabilities like branching and skip logic.


    Quizzes are useful for training and compliance applications where you need responses to be automatically scored and ranked with pass/fail capabilities.


    Checklists are the perfect web form for when you need simple to-do or task lists that can be updated again and again over time. They also feature sections.

Form Features

Not all web forms are created equal. Qrvey's suite of forms, surveys, quizzes and checklists are packed with smart functionality to make data collection quicker and easier. Below are just some of the features included with Qrvey’s web forms.


    Web forms include multi-level branching and skip logic that is fully integrated with Qrvey's analytics and workflow automations.


    Automatically populate your web forms with data housed in other forms or in entirely different datasets. Values can be updated as needed.


    Have the selected answers from one question populate additional questions for a more personalized user experience.


    Qrvey validates all form submissions as they're received to ensure that all required fields are present and that chosen values fall within the required parameters.

Data Router

Qrvey makes it easy for OEMs to seamlessly connect to all their data sources and legacy systems. We feature smart connectors for Amazon Aurora, Elasticsearch and simple CSV uploads, while our powerful Data Router connects to legacy SQL and noSQL data stores whether they're on premise, in the cloud or both. Data Router is powerful enough to handle hundreds of millions of records of structured, unstructured or semi-structured data. OEMs won't find a more powerful or flexible data integration solution.