Simple, Yet Mighty Embeddable Technologies

Qrvey OEM offers a full suite of technologies for data collection, analytics and workflow automation that can be quickly embedded into any web application.

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Smart Data Collection

Seamlessly embed Qrvey’s Data Collection technologies into your web and mobile applications using widgets and APIs.

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  • web forms

    Create online forms, polls, surveys, checklists, and quizzes with no technical knowledge.

  • all data accepted

    We accept structured, unstructured and semi-structured data as well as files, audio, video and spreadsheets.

  • data router

    Qrvey’s Data Router connects with ANY data source for real-time access to both new and historical data.

Analytics and Data Visualization

Qrvey Analytics allows for embedding custom data visualizations, whether structured, semi-structured, unstructured, human-collected or machine-collected data.

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  • Self-Service Visualizations

    Enable end users to create their own beautiful, interactive custom charts and visualization that include bar, line, pie, symbol, word clouds, heat maps and more.

  • Customized Metrics

    End users can also create their own calculated columns and metrics, with thresholds, to keep tabs on the data that is most important to them.

  • Automated Insights

    All reports, metrics and visualizations are tightly integrated with Qrvey's automation so users can receive updates or be alerted when things change.

Workflow Automation

Enhance your applications with Qrvey workflows that automate actions and trigger alerts based on data values or collected responses.

Explore Automation
  • Triggers

    Set Workflow triggers that are scheduled, data-driven or initiated from web hooks.

  • Actions

    Fully self-service, end-user focused interface that is both powerful, yet easy-to-use.

  • Integrations

    Create lots of templates that could include custom email and SMS notifications.

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